About us

It was an easy birth

A lot of us still remember “good old MHSZ” (aka Hungarian Defense Alliance) of the 70’s and 80’s. I have nice memories about it. In the years preceding the regime changes, I was the secretary of the MHSZ Radio Club of Nyíregyháza. We did have money, equipment, facilities, and a membership of almost 100 people. Győző, HA0MM used to be the caretaker of the county MHSZ headquarters, Jancsi HA0NNN was a technician at the radio club. (both of them are Silent Keys). Even then the income of the radio club was supplemented from undertaking. We serviced CB and VHF radio systems for taxi companies, agricultural cooperatives, bus companies, etc. We “fabricated” FB-33 antennas, which are still used by many, so we did have a solid client base and we could further operate when the MHSZ ceased. In 1990, Bolyó (HA0NNN) made friends with a Turkish ham, and we started visiting him for major contests in Adana (2600 km from us, close to the Mediterranean Sea, and Syria). From here we won several major contests using TA5KA and YM5KA, we even held a World Record for over 10 years. In the spring of ‘91, my friend Pista (HA0DU) invited a US ham, Burt Scott (N0FYR), and we travelled together to Turkey with him for CQ WPX SSB 1991. There, in Turkey the idea came up to establish a company. It was named by Pista 0DU. A lot of people don’ t know, what ANICO means. It is an acronym of ANtenna Information COmmunication. We have been asked many times, which one of us’ wife (girlfriend) is Anikó.

The infant grows

In 1992, our first business year started. We learned quite early, that we will not make a living merely selling ham radio gear, so industrial (professional) radios became the main stem. Until 2002, the headquarters were in a rental office in the MHSZ building. Meanwhile in ‘92 0DU got a “fat job” at an American foundation, and he left the company. Burt, who -compared to us – was considered to be extremely wealthy, established connections with American manufacturers and distributors. (TELEX, HyGain, YAESU USA, Kamtronix, Timewave, Maxrad, etc). In ‘94 we became an official YAESU dealer under YAESU EU BV. We developed steadily, but the years between ‘95 and ‘98 were slightly overshadowed by the disagreement between the American and Hungarian owners, which finally led to a “divorce”. By 1998, it was Győző and myself. By then our store in Budapest functioned in Pannónia street, and around that time we moved to Visegrádi street.

At the turn of the Millennium

There were already seven of us working full-time at the Ltd. We exported substantial quantities to C.I.S. Countries, and our sales were close to half a billion HUF. In these years we were among the TOP 5 European YAESU dealers. We still offered YAESU (aka Vertex) industrial and amateur radios and various accessories, and we also became an official Motorola dealer. In order to establish sustainable growth, the idea of diversification came up, so in 2003

How could the boots get on the table?

we started a new division. Light-weight construction prefabricated houses. We travelled a lot in the US on business, and I always wondered how purposefully they build and reside. This inspired me to have such a house built.  The Hungarian proverb says “The appetite grows by what it feeds on”, and this really happened.  From building a house, a new division was born. The demanding division absorbed a lot of money, but it was worth it. Today the prefab division is among the top companies in Hungary.

Adulthood – new opportunities

In 2009 Anico reached adulthood. The new year bought a lot of news.  The most horrifying thing was that my best friend and business partner Győző left us.  The new year also brought new opportunities. In 2008, Motorola acquired 80% of Vertex Standard (YAESU), and they heavily restructured the company. Distribution of the industrial equipment was taken over by Motorola The equipment are circulated through their existing distributors and a few YAESU dealers taken over. Anico “positioned” well, and a multi-country distributors’ agreement was signed with Motorola already in 2008. It turns out the customers can be serviced with more competitive prices and better logistics.

The other change happened on the amateur line. Vertex closed YAESU EU BV in Amsterdam. Most of the dealers were redirected to YAESU UK in England, while a few of us became direct distributors of the Tokyo factory. We also “positioned” well, as of today ANICO is the only Vertex Standard (or as we know, YAESU) distributor in Eastern Europe. Our area covers the neighbouring countries as well. Motorola started serious development in Tokyo, and soon we introduced the digitally modulated YAESU amateur equipment. The new position also means mush more competitive prices, too. It may be asserted, that we will be competitive with any European or American merchants, even with the prices of the Hong Kong 409shop. We are present on this market with so impressive prices, that it is not worth buying YAESU equipment of uncertain origin, from all kinds of container shops. In the past years we set up our multi-lingual webshop.

My goal is to lead a continuously growing, expanding company, which provides sufficient economic means to its employees and owners, and makes its customers fully satisfied. My dream is that once my children step up and carry on with the business.

József Dévényi (HA0LC)

Moments from the past 18 years: