Renting radios

Radio renting, radio lending for group communication!

Radio renting is offered to those who do not want to buy transceivers, but would like to use them for certain tasks. Such events might be:

  • Weddings,
  • Company events,
  • Cultural and sports events,
  • Excursions,
  • Group communication,… etc.

Reliable and cost-effective communication is an important tool to run your enterprise safely and smoothly.

Why is it worth renting transceivers for organizations like security companies, agricultural and industrial small, medium size and large companies, carriers, event planners, installation companies?

Because renting has the following benefits:

  • You can rent one or more transceivers for weeks, months, so you only pay for as many radios as you really need.
  • The cost of radio renting is wholly attributable.
  • No other fees (base and per minute cost) than the rental fee. You can talk unlimited!
  • The rental radios do not have depreciation costs.
  • It can be planned flexibly.
  • No servicing costs.
  • No separate radio license processing and frequency usage fees.
  • You can use the radios programmed to your needs, either as an extension to your existing system, or as a standalone system. You can also rent system supervision and personnel experienced in radio communication.

The rental radios have 4 channels by default. If you need more channels, or you want the equipment be programmed to your own frequencies, so that they are compatible with your existing radio system, you can also ask for programming.


We can provide proper communication among all circumstances with our repeater stations, handheld and mobile radios.

Further services added to radio renting:

  • The rental radio(s) transported to the needed location for a fee.
  • Technical supervision can be provided for the rental period.
  • For the larger communication range, temporary repeaters and fixed radios can also be rented from Anico.

Attributes of the rental radios:

  • lightweight and small
  • 16 programmable channels
  • 5 Watts power output
  • meets military standards 810C/D/E: The construction of rental Yaesu VX-160, VX-210A transceivers exceed the requirements of the US military standards 810 C/D/E. The rental Yaesu VX-160, VX-210A radios were especially designed to withstand severe operating circumstances like shocks, vibration and pouring rain.
  • Indestructible construction: Rugged, die-cast frame of the rental transceivers provide a solid, firm base for the circuits of the rental transceivers, thus they can be used among real life circumstances.
  • loud and clear audio output (reception): The Yaesu VX-160, VX-210A rental transceivers’ loud output is excellent for operation in noisy environments. This is realized by a large built-in speaker, which enables audio to be heard in difficult terrains like construction sites and outdoor operations.
  • power save mode for transmit and receive: In order to maximize battery life, the Yaesu VX-160, VX-210A rental radios have power save modes for both transmit and receive. During transmit, the handheld radio will decrease output power, if the incoming signals are very strong, while during receive, the rental radios switch to pulsed “sleep” mode, which regularly checks for activity on the set channel.
  • Programmable using a PC: Channels and other operating features of the rental radios can be programmed in a few minutes using the optional programming cable and software.

Concerning rental radios, please get in touch with our colleagues: